My Story

Five years ago, I had the pleasure of discovering the city of Marrakech, and since then, my heart has not stopped beating for this captivating city. The Moroccans, the medina, the way of life, and the culture have enchanted me forever.

During my various stays, I felt the need to settle there for good and offer my guests an experience of well-being, sweetness, and discovery, such as I myself had experienced.

After visiting many riads, I finally found this traditional house with unparalleled charm, featuring a large terrace, located in a secure neighborhood and just a stone’s throw from Jema El Fna Square.

With passion, my team and I have worked to renovate and completely furnish this riad to welcome you in an atmosphere full of wonder and coziness.

I am honored to invite you to discover my riad, where I feel at home and where I hope to offer you an unforgettable stay, a journey to the heart of Marrakech.